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Evening Sun Town

The Bold Squad

Tanaka Hajime
11 September
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Character: Tanaka Hajime
Series: Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!
Version: Partway through the very long-named sequel, Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2; After Mission 10
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: Not the most physically imposing man around, Tanaka is on the short side and a thin build. He buzzes down his dark hair for ease of care, and his grey eyes can't see a thing without his glasses. What he lacks in basic appearances, though, he tries to make up for in atmosphere. Tanaka carries himself proudly, posture ramrod straight and face composed.

Tanaka takes pride in wearing his uniform, a long black coat and dark shoes and slacks, similar to some styles of Japanese school uniforms. He wears a black cap emblazoned with a golden badge that displays his Squad's symbol; a relatively recent addition to his uniform, he dons it proudly and with a bit of protectiveness.

Personality: Tanaka is a very serious-minded individual. No-nonsense, no fooling around. A sharp mind and a keen awareness are vital to staying as capable at all times. After years working in the Yuuhi Ouendan, he feels that being strict, dedicated, and forceful are the best way to keep motivated and strong in spirit. He has a tendency to get impatient with people who don't have a proper work ethic. Since he is so hard-headed in his ways, he has the tendency to alienate himself from those with differing opinions, and come down harsh on any who offer another perspective.

But in spite of all his encouraging of staying focused, controlled and ready, Tanaka is really very easily startled or flustered, and his social skills are extremely hindered. Though he tries to keep as straight a face as possible, anyone can see when Tanaka is uncomfortable.

Though through all of his hardheaded behavior, Hajime is, in essence, a good guy. He acts the way he does because he thinks it will help people, and he's willing to sacrifice everything he's got to keep people safe. Everything he does is to protect and support others. People who earn his respect are ones he'll stay loyal to until the end, and anyone who shows determination for a worthy task will have his support.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: What qualifies someone to be an Ouendan—manly desire to help those in need aside—is one's ability to see a person's soul. Tanaka can see others' willpower in the form of flames, burning higher or lower depending on how determined and strong-willed they are. And, by riling up Tanaka's own spirit, it has the effect of motivating others; indeed, he is the ultimate form of cheerleader.

Weaknesses: Tanaka has years of experience with this ability, but in spite of all his practice something seems to be holding him back from motivating people as far as they can go, and he still lingers as the lowest-ranked member of his squad. He can't understand it; he believes in determination, strength, vigilance. But Tanaka fails to see the importance of emotions such as hope, love, and care, and this is what ultimately fuels the soul the most.

This aside, cheering can be a double-edged sword, as it were. Though he may be able to help people accomplish the most outlandish and seemingly impossible tasks, a misstep on Tanaka's part can set them back just as far; should he be so clumsy as to trip, the results could be disastrous on his target.

History: This young man is a proud member of the Yuuhi Ouendan, or the Evening Sun Cheer Squad; a group of cheerleaders who not only motivate people, but actually charge their spirits through cheering. They assist all manner of people, from mundane tasks such as studying for tests or opening a business, to the wildly outlandish of fighting off monster attacks.

Tanaka has been a member for the last six years; he joined when he was still in high school, and has remained within the squad all throughout his education. While he does take his job very seriously—perhaps a bit too seriously, really—his studies have kept him from taking some of the more serious missions: those involving robot invasions, and other such dire situations. The notable exception was when, five years past, the planet was threatened by a giant meteor, which would have annihilated all life should it strike Earth. Each member of the Squad banded together to give the planet faith and not give up, and Tanaka witnessed as every person on the planet stood their ground, until the sheer power of their souls became a solid force, destroying the meteor.

The last several years have gone on in general peace... well, that is, until the other squad showed up. On the other side of the river, the Asahi Cheer Squad has formed, and neither squad likes the idea of sharing turf with another, and certainly neither shall move. Tanaka holds great disdain for this other team, all soft and gentlemanly. They aren't to be relied upon.